We are a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The King's Table 2019

An Extravagant Banquet of Love for At-Risk Community Members!

April 27th, 2019

We are so grateful and honored to have Radical Love Ministries, Harvest Renewal Church, St. Giles Presbyterian and The Dwelling Place Church partnering with us to make this event happen successfully!

We are also grateful to all the many volunteers who will be working hard and giving generously as well as to our plate and event sponsors/donors for their generous giving!

Continue reading below to learn more about this event!

Our Partners

Thank You to Our Partners Who Are Helping to 
Make This Event Possible!
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    Radical Love Ministries
  2. 1
    Harvest Renewal Church
    Thank you to Harvest Renewal Church for sponsoring plates and offering volunteer support! You are so generous!
  3. 2
    St. Giles Presbyterian
  4. 3
    The Dwelling Place Church

Vision Statement

Igniting a passion for Jesus in the heart of His bride by spreading the gospel via preaching, teaching and meeting practical needs. Together, we can reach the lost, minister to the hurting and declare the extravagant love of God! 
News Coverage 
Sewing Seeds of Love Through the Media!
We are in awe of the seeds of love that God is continuing to spread through last year's media coverage of The King's Table 2017. Click here to see the video of that event by Channel 8 news reporter Nakell Williams!
Event Sponsors
Thank You to Our Sponsors Who Generously Give to This Mission!
Gold Level
Gold Level includes a donation of $101-$300 (or more) ​​​of monetary gifts, items and services. 
(Donors To Be Announced)
Silver Level
Silver Level includes a donation of $51-100 dollars of monetary gifts, items, and services. 
(​Donors To Be Announced)
Bronze Level
Bronze Level includes a donation of up to $50 of monetary gifts, items,  and services.
(Donors To Be Announced)
Photo Gallery
Extravagant Love Caught on Camera!
We look forward to sharing the photos from The Kings' Table 2018 event! In the meantime, please click on the pictures below from The King's Table 2017! These pictures are so powerful and beautiful, thank you to Stephanie Dennehy Photography for capturing these heart-stirring images! 
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Thank You!
Thank you in advance to everyone who will be joining us to help make our King's Table 2018 event possible! We are humbled and grateful for your love, your service to the Kingdom of God and your compassion for others. We are in awe of the body of Christ coming together to love others extravagantly!